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On Silent Worship
Our worship is based on expectant waiting. We take the Psalmist's advice literally:
"Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46.10)
We have no prearranged prayers, readings, sermons or music because we wait
for the Creator's leadings (guidance and direction) and power in our lives.

We meet in simple, unadorned spaces because we have found that we are
less distracted from hearing that still small voice.

There are no pulpits in our meeting rooms because we minister to each other.
Our benches or chairs face each other because
we believe that all are equal before God.

We believe that God is present in all things.

Woven together in the silence of a Quaker meeting none need speak for a message to be heard by all.

The message we hear may be for our personal reflection or for sharing on another occasion.

When prompted by the Spirit, it may be a leading to stand and speak.
Returning to the silence we examine ourselves in the Light of that message.